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My name is Josie Jarvis and I am an OT based in the United States passionate about empowering the development of Occupational-Based practice by building interprofessional, intergenerational, and international partnerships grounded in the developments and values of Occupational Science and the international expansion of Human Rights. 

You are welcome to join the first course hosted on this platform designed to help US-Based OTPs get exposure to the field of Occupational Science and explore how it can support our OT practice and our own personal health and well-being.  You can also look at the Podcast I will be launching in the new year (The Engaging Occupational Science Podcast). 

Free Occupational Science 101 Guide

You can also join our free OS Empowered OT Facebook group!

I look forward to building community with you here! 

Dr. Josie Jarvis, PP-OTD, MA-OTR/L, BA, BS

Available Resources

Foundations of Occupational Science Course

You can sign up now for The Foundations of Occupational Science for US-Based OTPs 2023 Course Wait List!

Check out sample course content here: Engaging Occupational Science Podcast

Evolved Living Podcast

Evolved Living PodcastDr. Josie Jarvis, PP-OTD, MA-OTR/L, BA, BS

This is a podcast dedicated to coming together and sharing multidisciplinary and multicultural wisdom from diverse perspectives to support adapting to change holistically and ecologically together with honesty about the messy and imperfect process of ongoing growth, change, and adaptation to the contemporary world.  

This podcast seeks to help facilitate mindful, inclusive, and transformative dialog and responsive trauma-informed and responsive action to connect people across the globe toward constructive life-affirming adaptation in context with engagement in a diversity of honest and transparent perspectives and actions in the field. 


 The information provided in the Evolved Living Podcast is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. The views and opinions expressed by the host, guests, or any individual associated with this podcast are their own and do not reflect the views of any formal association related to and Professional Licensing Body or Employing Agency particularly related to Occupational Therapy or Occupational Science, or the Employers of the host and guests.

 Full Disclaimer: https://swiy.co/engagingOSPodcastDisclaimer

Orientation To Occupational Science And 2020 Updates To The Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 4th Edition

This session will provide OTPs an orientation to the field of Occupational Science and it’s recent formal incorporation into the 2020 release of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 4th Edition. This session will be a great fit for OTPs that would like an overview of the key updates and changes made to the most recent practice framework that defines our national scope, domain, and process in the US. This presentation will also explore exciting new developments in the field of Occupational Science (OS) with a guidebook provided of key OS terms/researchers/and connections to international OT professional documents and commitments. Participants will be provided tangible examples of how to incorporate occupational science and practice framework into their own traditional settings in how it can support your clients and your practice from a distinctly occupational perspective backed by our own unique international science base that few OTPs have gotten exposure to since it’s founding in 1989.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will develop familiarity with foundational Occupational Science concepts embedded in the 2020 release of the OTPF4.

  • Participants will connect foundational occupational science concepts to their own life as an occupational being and practice as an OTP

  • Participants will identify key updates to the 2020 OTPF4 and opportunities to enhance occupation based/centered/focused practice in their current/future practice settings across the lifespan.

Content level: Beginner-Advanced

Practice Setting(s): All traditional and emerging

Occupational Science 101 Guide


My name is Josie Jarvis and I have been a practicing OT in the United States since 2016. I've worked in traditional US settings across the lifespan including acute care, skilled nursing, outpatient pediatrics, and school-based practice. While exploring these settings, I found myself repeatedly discouraged, confused, and defeated by many systemic barriers and tensions with an ultimate lack of clarity and consensus on the role of OT in the US. I returned to school to obtain my Post-Professional Doctorate with the University of Utah in 2019. I did this hoping I could find and ground my relationship with OT with a more solid and optimistic foundation for the future.

I truly found what I was looking for by getting a more in-depth introduction to the field of Occupational Science (OS). I noticed that other countries, that were early to embrace Occupational Science over the past 30+ years were not having the same challenges US settings were having in overly restrictive practice and lack of clarity on the role of OT. Unfortunately​, for most US-based OTPs Occupational Science was not covered heavily in our OT education which leaves most of us out of the loop about what it has to offer field OTPs in the US today.

I am so excited to share with you how Occupational Science has the power to: transform your relationship to OT practice, affirm your distinct value, and build clarity in your role, and skillset in an interdisciplinary team as an OTP in the United States. By exploring these foundations, I have found how we can advocate for a more empowered future for OT and the holistic well-being of our clients in every traditional and emerging practice setting.

It is my goal to share with you the same restoration of purpose, and confidence I have gained in offering client-driven, occupation-centered, and holistic OT services practically in traditional settings since engaging more deeply in the established field of Occupational Science.

Occupational Therapies Without Borders Chapter Resources In Celebration of Impactful Informal Publishing

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