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My name is Josie Jarvis and I am an OT based in the United States passionate about empowering the development of Occupational-Based practice by building interprofessional, intergenerational, and international partnerships grounded in the developments and values of Occupational Science and the international expansion of Human Rights. 

You are welcome to join the first course hosted on this platform designed to help US-Based OTPs get exposure to the field of Occupational Science and explore how it can support our OT practice and our own personal health and well-being.  You can also look at the Podcast I will be launching in the new year (The Engaging Occupational Science Podcast). 

Free Occupational Science 101 Guide

You can also join our free OS Empowered OT Facebook group!

I look forward to building community with you here! 

Dr. Josie Jarvis, PP-OTD, MA-OTR/L, BA, BS

Available Resources

Foundations of Occupational Science Course Wait-list for 2023 Launch

You can sign up now for The Foundations of Occupational Science for US-Based OTPs 2023 Course Wait List!

Check out sample course content here: Engaging Occupational Science Podcast

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